Expose. Engage. Organize.

In 2018, a group of community-minded volunteers gathered to create the committee now known as Adventure: Fayette County. We work collaboratively with the Fayette Prevention Coalition and the ICE Collaborative to prevent youth substance use in our community through creative means.​

For us, youth substance use prevention has little to do with saying no to drugs, and everything to do with saying yes to positive and enriching alternatives. It is our goal to make those alternatives as engaging and accessible as possible.

​Our work is to expose youth to the many extracurricular opportunities in our area. By increasing awareness and creating accessible space to try something new, we hope to spark an interest in our youth in a positive outlet. We aim to engage youth and their families in this process so we may identify the highest needs and interests of the community. Finally, we organize our partners and stakeholders, we can continue to build an intentional approach to sharing knowledge, opportunities and efforts.

Our Mission

We are a youth-focused coalition who break down the barriers for our kids to identify and experience positive activities.

We accomplish this by exposing youth to new experiences through facilitated programming and mentorship, engaging youth through public outreach, and organizing the community to effectively leverage resources and assets.

Our Vision

We envision a future where community is built for and by youth giving the opportunity to engage in enriching experiences and programs that encourage self-confidence, leadership, and community. As a result of our work, there is a dramatic decrease in youth substance abuse, resources are effectively coordinated for greater impact, and all stakeholders see their role in developing our youth together.

Programs and Projects

Adventure Passport
A pocket sized, interactive guidebook for elementary school kids designed to engage them outside in their backyards, trails and public spaces.

Adventure Days and Water Days
Free summer programming for youth and caregivers of all ages.

Adventure Camp
A high intensity outdoor camp for spirited youth.

Project: Adventure
A 4th and 5th grade field trip designed to give youth a hands-on taste of meaningful activities that are available in Fayette County.

Healthy Alternative Activities Fayette County activities for staying healthy and drug free.

(SOAR) Summer Outdoor Art Recreation Summer camp for 9-12 year old’s, hosted at the Fayette County Park

Get Involved

Adventure Fayette County invites you to be involved! Why? The best way to see YOUR community improve is to be active in your community. And it is YOUR community. Want to see Fayette County be better for the future generations? It’s up to YOU! Want to see the drug epidemic improve in Fayette County? It’s up to YOU!

Hands On

Volunteers are an essential part of our youth-focused coalition. We believe the best way to see your community improve is to be active in your community! There are many ways to help, including registration, leading or co-leading an activity, setting up, and more.

To register to volunteer, follow the sign up link here.

Behind The Scenes

Being a great volunteer doesn’t always mean working the front lines. We’re always grateful for help planning, hanging flyers, making phone calls and more. There’s plenty to do behind the scenes that make our programs possible.

​Curious about these alternative volunteer opportunities? Email us at adventurefayette@gmail.com. We’d love to invite you to the team!


We’re grateful for every donation. Just $5 can help our initiatives, whether it is buying a healthy snack or art supplies for a child. We also invite organizations and businesses to become recognized sponsors of Adventure: Fayette County. 

To learn about sponsoring, or to make a donation, email us at  adventurefayette@gmail.com.