ICE Collaborative

The Integrated Community Engagement (ICE) Collaborative mission is to strengthen the protective factors and reduce the risk factors in the lives of our young people. This is drug prevention that has little to do with drugs and everything to do with how Fayette County can build a strong community around our youth.

Protective Factor

Spending time with family, eating meals together, and exercise are examples of protective factors. We want to increase these experiences in youth lives, creating a community that is supportive to youth.

Risk Factor

Staying out after midnight and unsupervised leisure time are examples of risk factors. We want to decrease these experiences, wrapping our youth with caring adults and meaningful experiences is one way to decrease risk factors.

Data Collection

Students in the 7th-12th grades take the confidential survey annually. This data helps us to secure funding for things like meaningful, youth centered programs and for changing the environment around youth to decrease risky behaviors.

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