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Fayette County Family Resource Network

The West Virginia Family Resource Networks (FRN) are organizations that respond to the needs and opportunities of the community. Here in Fayette County, we partner with community members, public, and private organizations to develop, coordinate, and administer innovative projects and provide needed resources.

Fayette Prevention Coalition

The Fayette Prevention Coalition is an opportunity for individuals, organizations and agencies to come together to work on the issues created in Fayette County surrounding the drug epidemic, across the continuum of care, including prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery.


The Family Resource Network provides critical information on available resources and connections to basic needs for children and families.

& Youth

These resources are intended specifically for youth or students.

Parents &

These resources are intended for a parent or caregiver who is seeking support or assistance for an individual in their care.

Educators &

These resources are for teachers, organizations or community members and also include volunteer opportunities.

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