For every dollar spent in substance use prevention, up to twenty dollars is saved. (Southwest Prevention Center, 2004)  Building a strong, cohesive and caring community not only saves money and prevents substance use disorder (addiction) but also creates a healthy, vibrant and appealing place to grow, work and live.

Drug Awareness Toolkit

The Fayette Prevention Coalition has a drug awareness toolkit. We want to make sure that everyone who would like access to this resource, has it. We also have printed copies if you would like to have one, please email Carri Strunk, Coalition Coordinator at

Download the toolkit here

West Virginia Prevention Guide

  • Prevention is a process, not a one-time event.
  • Effective strategies must be age and developmentally appropriate.
  • “Silver bullet” or “one-size fits all” approaches usually do not work, as prevention requires a coordinated, comprehensive effort.

Many of the most common prevention strategies being used by well-meaning parents, schools, and communities have been shown by careful research to be ineffective. Some efforts have even caused harm by unintentionally reinforcing pro-use attitudes, behaviors, or norms. Good intentions are not enough for selecting and implementing effective prevention strategies. What we don’t know can hurt, so seeking assistance from prevention specialists and other reputable and resources is crucial to prevention efforts. Review the full prevention guide for more information about effective strategies, resources, and counter-productive activities.

Download the guide here


To learn more about prevention, attend local and national trainings.