Fayette Prevention Coalition

The Fayette Prevention Coalition is an opportunity for individuals, organizations and agencies to come together to work on the issues surrounding the drug epidemic across the continuum of care including prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery.

How the Coalition Started

The Fayette Prevention Coalition was formed from the growing need to address issues related to the drug crisis in Fayette County. The coalition works closely with schools, organizations and the county government to educate the community on the drug epidemic and harness positive partnerships to create change.

Meeting Schedule

Programs and Committees

The Fayette Prevention Coalition is made up of Committees and Project Teams. These committees are where the magic happens. We ask that all coalition members choose, at least, one committee to put their talents to work. Please check out the Committees and choose one today.

Health Promotion

Health Promotion provides you with knowledge and information to empower you to make the best decisions for your health and the health of your family.

Youth Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention

Tobacco Prevention is a group of dedicated individuals who strive to reduce Tobacco use among adults and delay the initiation of first use among youth.

Youth Action Team

The Youth Action Team is focused on empowering teens to make healthy choices and positively affect their peers, schools and community.

Adventure: Fayette County

Adventure: Fayette County is a youth focused coalition of organizations who break down the barriers for our kids to identify and experience positive activities.

ICE Collaborative

The central mission of the Integrated Community Engagement (ICE) Collaborative is to strengthen the protective factors and reduce the risk factors in the lives of our young people. This is drug prevention that has little to do with drugs and everything to do with how Fayette County can build a strong community around our youth.

Fayette County Teen Court

Teen Court is an alternative sentencing program for Juvenile Offenders from grades 7th-12th. Offenses heard in Teen Court can include shoplifting, traffic violations, or minors in possession of Alcohol or Tobacco products.

Early Childhood Literacy

    Early Childhood Literacy Early Childhood Literacy is focused on educating parents that they are their child’s first teacher and motivating children to want to learn to read   Read Aloud Fayette County has a local Read Aloud chapter. Our goal is to recruit and train volunteer readers to…

Intervention & Recovery

The Intervention Committee focuses on engaging people who are actively experiencing a substance use disorder. The goals of this committee is to reduce harm, prevent the spread of disease and provide treatment and recovery resources to individuals/families dealing with substance use.