Youth Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention


Youth Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention is a group of dedicated individuals who use environmental strategies, policy and prevention best practices to reduce tobacco and alcohol use in teens and delay the initiation of first use among youth. This group works alongside the Drug-Free Communities work plan for community change and prevention best practices.


Evidence Based Curriculum

Our committee promotes the most recent evidence based curriculums for drug prevention in Fayette County schools. This includes CATCH My Breath, IN Depth and NOT (Not On Tobacco) for vaping and Botvin LifeSkills and Too Good for Drugs for alcohol and other substances.

Quit Lines, Signage & Policy Change

We are focused on promoting quit lines for vaping and creating cessation options in Fayette County. Our group is currently reviewing signage throughout the county and how to implement policy change around vape/smoke shops.

Community Change

We utilize the 7 strategies for community change. Those include; providing information, enhancing skills, providing support, enhancing access/reducing barriers, changing consequences, physical design, and modifying/changing policy.

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