Intervention & Recovery

Intervention & Recovery is focused on 1). engaging people who are actively experiencing a substance use disorder and 2). creating a community that is supportive to people in recovery.

Our Goals

We work to reduce harm, prevent the spread of disease and provide treatment and recovery resources to individuals/families dealing with substance use. Additional local resources related to Intervention can be found at Substance Use Disorder- Intervention and Substance Use Disorder – Family Support. Additional local resources related to recovery can be found at Substance Use Disorder- Recovery.

Save A Life Day

An annual event in Fayette County that provides free Narcan to anyone who wants/needs it. The event has sites and mobile units and last year we distributed 500 kits of the life saving drug into our community.

For pictures and information on the upcoming event, visit here

Quick Response Team (QRT)

The Fayette County Health Department deploys QRT to respond to individuals within 24 to 72 hours after an overdose. This collaboration with EMS and behavioral specialists has a positive impact on the opioid crisis and meets individuals where they are.

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Law Enforcement Aided Diversion (LEAD)

A pre-booking program aimed at redirecting low level offenders engaged in drug activities to available community services and treatment. Jenny Perry is the LEAD Coordinator for Fayette County. Contact her at 304-923-3318 or 304-250-0051 ext. 101

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Walk for Hope

An annual event in Fayette County, this walk or run raises awareness that people in our community can recover. The event provides recovery resources and we collect nonperishable food items in lieu of a registration fee.

For pictures and information on the upcoming event, visit here

Contact Information


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