Adventure: Fayette County

Adventure: Fayette County is a youth focused coalition of organizations who break down the barriers for our kids to identify and experience positive activities. We accomplish this by exposing youth to new experiences through facilitated programming and mentorship, engaging youth through public outreach, and organizing the community to leverage resources and assets.

We envision a future where community is built for and by youth giving them opportunity to engage in enriching experiences and programs that encourage self-confidence, leadership and community. As a result of our work, there is a decrease in youth substance use, resources are effectively coordinated for greater impact and all stakeholders see their role in developing our youth together.

Programs and Projects

Adventure Passport
A pocket sized, interactive guidebook for elementary school kids designed to engage them outside in their backyards, trails and public spaces.

Adventure Days and Water Days
Free summer programming for youth and caregivers of all ages.

Adventure Camp
A high intensity outdoor camp for spirited youth.

Project: Adventure
A 4th and 5th grade field trip designed to give youth a hands-on taste of meaningful activities that are available in Fayette County.

Healthy Alternative Activities Fayette County activities for staying healthy and drug free.

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