Utility Assistance

Utility Assistance

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EnAct - your community resource agency

Montgomery Office

416 4th Ave. Montgomery, WV 25136 
Phone: (304) 442-2018  Fax: (304) 981-4908


EnAct is a West Virginia Community Action Agency offering a wide variety of services to low income residents of Clay, Boone, Fayette, Kanawha, and Putnam counties. EnAct offers programs in the following: Education, Employment, Emergency Assistance, Nutrition, Comforts of Home, and Right From the Start.


Fayette Plateau Ministerial Association
First Assembly of God
1513 East Main Street
Oak Hill, WV 25901
(304) 469-2646

Fayette Plateau Ministerial Association will provide minimal assistance on utilities when funds are available.


Fayetteville Baptist Church

104 Ankrom 
St. Fayetteville, WV
(304) 574-1074


Fayetteville Baptist Church provides utility assistance. Applicant must have referral from DHHR, a utility cutoff notice and identification. Call Monday -– Friday, 9:00 am -– 1:00 pm.


Fayetteville United Methodist Church

120 High Street 
Fayetteville, WV 25840
(304) 574-0187


Fayetteville United Methodist Church provides a Food Pantry the 4th Thursday of every month, except November and December, when the pantry will be open the 3rd Thursday. No referral needed, but must live in Fayetteville or immediate surrounding area. Bring in a utility bill for proof of address.Occasional funds for utility assistance. A $25.00 assistance will be given once a year. Must have DHHR or EnAct referral for utility assistance. Call for utility information on utility assistance.


Oak Hill United Methodist Church

250 Main St

Oak Hill, WV 25901

(304) 469-4126


Oak Hill United Methodist Church provides budgeting support and education when assisting with utility bills.


Page Baptist Church

Page, WV 25152
(304) 465-8641 
Church Study

Page Baptist Church provides possible food and/or utility assistance to individuals living in the immediate surrounding area. Call for assistance.


St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church

129 Elmore Street
Oak Hill, WV 25901
(304) 465-5445


St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church provides food on an as-needed basis, must have referral from DHHR, number of persons in home and proof of income.  Clothing Attic is open 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm.  No referral needed for clothing.  Utility assistance is available once per year per family.  Referral from DHHR, number of persons in home and proof of income are needed.  A $25.00 payment will be made directly to utility company on behalf of persons requesting assistance


Phone Utilities Assistance

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Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Consumer and Government Affairs Bureau

Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division

445 12th Street, SW

Washington, DC 20554




The Federal Communication Commission offers a Lifeline program for income-eligible consumers. The FCC is a government benefit program that provides discounts on monthly telephone service for eligible low-income consumers to help ensure that they have the opportunities and security that telephone service affords. Lifeline is supported by the federal Universal Service Fund (USF).


Tel-Assistance and Link-Up America-


Tel-Assistance and Link-up America provides assistance with initiating and maintaining basic phone service. Through Link- Up America, telephone companies offer a discount on telephone installation and connection fee for new service. Tel-Assistance provides assistance with the cost of basic monthly service once connection is established. Eligibility requirements state individual must be receiving benefits from DHHR for any of the following: Food Stamps, TANF, SSI, CHIPS, LIEAP, Emergency Assistance or TRIP.
New Service Hook-up: 1-800-732-6639
Customer Service: 1-800-275-8223

Local telephone service to people who have been denied service or do not wish to purchase through local service. Reduced rates and prepaid services eliminate the need for deposit requirements, credit checks, identification issues and social security questions


Verizon Thrifty Caller Service
(304) 954-6200
Verizon Thrifty Caller Service only measures and charges for outgoing calls from residence. Charges are based on time of day, day of week the call is made, the number of minutes the call lasts, and location of number being called. Plan price starts at $7.00 a month.


For additional  assistance and information visit: www.wvdhhr.org

Emergency Utilities Assistance

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Emergency Assistance
1400 Virginia Street
Oak Hill, WV 25901
(304) 465-9613

DHHR provides assistance with utilities, 1st month's rent and deposit for homeless individuals who meet income guidelines.  Replacement food stamps, clothing, household items and rent provided for victims of house fires who meet income guidelines.

Income requirements for Emergency Assistance are as follows:


Maximum Monthly Gross Income

1 $355.00
2 $533.00
3 $566.00
4 $711.00
5 $819.00
6 $936.00


Fayetteville Baptist Church

104 Ankrom Street

Fayetteville, WV 25840


Fayetteville Baptist Church provides individuals with utility assistance on an emergency basis. The payment will be mailed directly to the utility company after guidelines are met.


Page Baptist Church

Page, WV 25152

(304) 465-8641

Page Baptist Church provides individuals with utility payments when funds are available to the immediate surrounding areas. Call the church for additional information.


Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS)

Beards Fork Road

Beards Fork, WV  25173

(304) 779-2280

SALS handles emergency food and utility assistance for sections of Fayette County in the vicinity of Loop Creek.


St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church

123 Elmore Street

Oak Hill, WV 25901

(304) 465-5445


St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church will provide a $25.00 payment and send directly to an individual's utility company upon request. Limitations do apply and a DHHR referral is needed when making request.


The Salvation Army

312 S. Fayette Street

Beckley, WV 25801

(304) 253-9541


The Salvation Army provides assistance to individuals struggling to make payments on utility bills when funds are available. For more information, call the nearest office at the above address.


West Virginia LIHEAP  (DHHR)

1400 Virginia Street

Oak Hill, WV 25901


(304) 465-9613

All gas and electric utilities offer a reduced rate of 20% from December-April. Eligible applicants must receive SSI, WV Works or Food Stamps and be 60 years or older. LIHEAP also provides a program to customers in emergency situations with assistance when a cut-off notice has been received. For additional information, contact DHHR in your county.




Low Income Utility Assistance

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West Virginia Assistance Program


West Virginia Assistance Programs provide resources for individuals struggling with paying their bills. This program locates aides, help and assistance programs for all cities and counties in West Virginia.


West Virginia Utility Assistance Program

The West Virginia Utility Assistance Program has money available for low-income residents and senior citizens through the Dollar Energy Fund, Inc.  Those interested can apply now at any Salvation Army location or at the Fayette County DHHR office.  Money can be used for gas, electric and water bills.  Applications are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.


WV DHHR - Fayette

1400 Virginia St

Oak Hill, WV  25901

(304) 465-9613



Salvation Army - Beckley

312 S Fayette St

Beckley, WV  25801

(304) 253-9341



Low Income Energy Assistance Program - (LIEAP)
Assists eligible households
with the cost of home heating through direct cash payments or payments to utility companies on their behalf. A crisis component, Emergency LIEAP is available for households facing the loss of a heating source. Eligibility for both program components is based on a combination of factors, including income, type of heating payment, and total heating costs. Sign up begins in January. Emergency LIEAP is only available for limited time. Call DHHR (304) 465-9613 for deadline application.

Income requirements for LIEAP are as follows:

Family Size

Maximum Monthly Gross Income

1 $1,245.00
2 $1,681.00
3 $2,116.00
4 $2,552.00
5 $2,987.00
6 $3,423.00<!--[endif]-->

20% Discount Program, Special Reduced Residential Services Rate
Provides a 20% discount on the cost of residential gas and electric services during the
winter months. Eligible individuals and families include those receiving SSI (children under 18 years of age not eligible,) TANF/WV Works or food stamps, and be 60 years of age or older during at least one of the following months, for the year when application for assistance is being made: November, December, January, February, and March. Those needing assistance should submit their name and social security number to the receptionists at DHHR. This information will be forwarded to the gas and electric companies who will mail an application which must be completed thoroughly to be approved for the discount.
In order to be eligible for this rate reduction, one must be a recipient of either SSI, WV WORKS, or Food Stamps AND be 60 years of age or older. One must be a recipient of one of these programs during November, December, January, February, and March to get the discount for that month.
The electric and/or gas company will be responsible for determining your eligibility for the Special Reduced Residential Service Rate.


Also available is a self-screening eligibility link @http://www.wvinroads.org/inroads/PGM/ASP/SC001.asp