Recommended Media

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(* available for lending)


Relationships - The New Science, Meg Wheatley

Class – Where We Stand: Class Matters, bell hooks*

Learning/Teaching – The Art of Changing the Brain, James E. Zull*

PTSS – Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Dr. Joy Leary

Business ethics – The Speed of Trust, Stephen M. R. Covey* (on CD)

Language development – The Mother Tongue, Bill Bryson

Appalachian history and culture – Night Comes to the Cumberlands, Harry Caudill

The myth of Appalachia – At Home in the Heart of Appalachia, John O’Brien

Appalachian Literacies - Community Literacy Journal: Appalachian Literacies Vol. 2, Issue 1*

Domestic violence, welfare, poverty – Saving Bernice, Jody Raphael*

Separate and unequal families – marriage and caste in America, Kay S. Hymowitz*

On (not) getting by in America – Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich*

Toltec Wisdom - The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz





Hair - 400 Years Without a Comb, Willie L. Morrow

Wealth - Affluenza, NPR

Celebrating - Celebrating What's Right With The World, Dewitt Jones*

Working Poor - Waging a Living, P.O.V./PBS*





Motivation and stages of change -

Living costs in different parts of the US –

Mentoring -

Data access for many different indicators by state, city, zip code, or census tract -

Emotional intelligence –