Substance Use Disorder


These resources include information on services for those who need help with their substance use including Harm Reduction and Detoxification.

  • Fayette County Health Department

    Harm Reduction is an evidence based public health approach that uses practical strategies to reduce the harmful consequences association with certain high risk behaviors. Every Wednesday from 1:00pm to 3pm.

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  • Fayette County Youth Reporting Center

    The Fayette County Youth Reporting Center does offer substance abuse education and substance use disorder education for those individuals in our program. We utilize all evidence based materials and have a therapist to address the deeper issues of substance abuse.

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  • FMRS

    Services include Detoxification – often the first step to addressing alcohol or substance use. The Crisis Stabilization program offers opioid, alcohol and benzodiazepine detoxification to those who are actively withdrawing from drugs or alcohol and demonstrate commitment to long-term drug or alcohol treatment upon discharge.

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